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Anusara Inspired Yoga

This is a comparatively new form of yoga established in 1997 by John Friend which pairs stern values of position with a good-natured spirit. Postures can be demanding, but the actual note of Anusara is to open your heart and struggle to attach with the heavenly in yourself and others.

The Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness is the ground of vision of Anusara. This philosophy takes the basis that everything in this world is a personification of Supreme Consciousness. Its spirit pulsates with decency and highest bliss. All of creation is exquisitely danced into survival for the simple enjoyment and the play of embodying the Supreme’s own wonderful nature.

This is a modern school of hatha yoga resulting from the lyengar style of yoga and reintroduced fundamentals of Hindu religion into a more fitness leaning Western approach to Yoga. The importance is on a set of Universal Principles of Alignment which motivate all the corporeal asanas and are linked to theoretical aspects of the practice categorized in three parts:

  1. Attitude is the control of the heart as the power behind every deed or expression in an asana.
  2. Alignment is the watchful consciousness of how diverse parts of x`us are incorporated and unified.
  3. Action is the natural flow of energy in the body which provides both constancy and pleasurable liberty.

These ideology help you rest and move in your body in a most favorable way. There are seven loops or spiral of actions for the body that further maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. The principle aspects that classify Anasura are a viewpoint derived from Tantra that teaches that all well beings are inherently good.

Anasura which means flowing with grace is also available in Europe and Asia and headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas, a suburb of Houston. Friend travels extensively worldwide giving workshops and training Anasura teachers. Anasura teachers look for the good in all things especially within themselves and their students. They help improve and disclose the beauty and Divine character that are already present in the students ‘ poses. They are devoted to serving each student and helping them reveal their merit, innate goodness and Supreme nature.

Anasura classes are cheerful, optimistic and amusing which include vinyasa flow and a lot of alignment work. Each class begins with an chant or centering as a devotional credit of the grace-bestowing power of Universal Spirit within and around us. Each class has a heart-oriented subject which has a significant association to the grand religious purposes of asana practice.

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